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  preferred label Supplementation Published
English note Includes: index; concordance; Teacher’s guide; gloss; supplement; appendix. Published
English definition The supplement relationship type involves works or expressions that are intended to be used in conjunction with another work or expression. Some of these, such as indices, concordances, teachers’ guides, glosses, and instruction manuals for electronic resources will be so closely associated with the content of the related work or expression that they are useless without it. Such works and expressions are by definition referential. Supplements and appendices also frequently fall within the referential category, but if they can be used without reference to the related work they fall within the autonomous category. [Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: Final Report, p.67] Published
English scope note Valid Use: Work(1) to Work(2)/Work(2) to Work(1) Published
English scope note Valid Use: Expression(1.1) to Expression(2.1)/Expression(1.1) to Expression(2.1) Published
English scope note Valid Use: Expression(1.1) to Work(2)/Work(2) to Expression(1.1) Published