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  preferred label Succession Published
English note Includes: sequel; succeeding work. Published
English definition The successor type of relationship involves a kind of linear progression of content from one work or expression to another. In some cases, the content of the successor may be closely connected to the content of the preceding work or expression, which would result in a work or expression that is referential. In others, such as with loosely connected parts of a trilogy, the successor will be autonomous. Serial publications that result from the merger or split of their predecessors and stand on their own without requiring reference to the predecessor are also examples of autonomous works that fall within the successor relationship type. [Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: Final Report, p.67] Published
English scope note Valid Use: Work(1) to Work(2)/Work(2) to Work(1) Published
English scope note Valid Use: Expression(1.1) to Expression(2.1)/Expression(1.1) to Expression(2.1) Published
English scope note Valid Use: Expression(1.1) to Work(2)/Work(2) to Expression(1.1) Published