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  preferred label Exemplification Published
English note This relationship is unique and operates between only one pair of entities in the model (i.e. manifestation and item), being integral to the definition of these two entities. Published
English definition A manifestation is “exemplified” by an item, or conversely, an item is a single exemplar of a manifestation. The logical connection serves as the basis both for identifying the manifestation exemplified by an individual item and for ensuring that all copies (i.e., items) of the same manifestation are linked to that manifestation. Indirectly the relationships between a manifestation and the various items exemplifying that manifestation also serve to establish an implicit “sibling” relationship between the various copies (i.e., items) of a manifestation. [Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: Final Report, pp.59] Published
English scope note Valid Use: Manifestation(1.1.1) to Item( to Manifestation(1.1.1) Published