Corporate Body

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  preferred label Corporate Body Published
English definition An organization or group of individuals and/or organizations acting as a unit Published
English scope note The entity defined as corporate body encompasses organizations and groups of individuals and/or organizations that are identified by a particular name, including occasional groups and groups that are constituted as meetings, conferences, congresses, expeditions, exhibitions, festivals, fairs, etc. The entity also encompasses organizations that act as territorial authorities, exercising or claiming to exercise government functions over a certain territory, such as a federation, a state, a region, a local municipality, etc. The entity encompasses organizations and groups that are defunct as well as those that continue to operate. For the purposes of this study corporate bodies are treated as entities only to the extent that they are involved in the creation or realization of a work (e.g., as the sponsors or endorsers of a work, etc.), or are the subject of a work (e.g., as the subject of a history, etc.). [Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: Final Report, pp.24-25] Published